Green Cleaning Practices For Tile Cleaning

Natural Homemade Solvents Prepared By Our Tile Contractor During Our Natural Cleaning Week

Today, Scott Tile LLC is starting a one week campaign called “Clean it Green”. During the last week of August, we will provide our customers with an option to clean their flooring and tiles with products made of natural oils. This aims to increase the awareness of our clients about the environmental issues over the past decade, and teach them that they can use nature to help them manage minor home cleaning projects. Although the homemade floor cleaning solvent we will recommend is very effective, it won’t be strong enough to clean the tiles of a commercial kitchen. This is why all commercial projects, during our green cleaning week, will be handled with chemicals like they normally are.

These are the ingredients we use to mix it:

  • beautiful bathroom1 gallon of hot water

  • 2 tablespoons of mild, vegetable-based soap

  • 15 drops of orange essential oil

  • 8 drops of lemon essential oil or ? cup of fresh lemon juice

After mopping the tiled surface you need cleaned with this solvent you will not need to rinse it.

Other aromas which we can use, according to your preferences:

- Lavender or eucalyptus – They have anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

- Thyme and pine – It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties.

- Natural extract from grapefruit is the strongest natural antimicrobial agent.

If you want to book a tile contractor from our company, and get your tiled floors and walls cleaned with natural products, you should not hesitate to contact us at (850) 933-5105, until the end of August. We will be happy to show you how natural ingredients can be as beneficial as the cleaning products sold in home supply stores around Tallahassee FL. 

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How to Pick the Right Type of Tiles For Your Home or Office

Can a Professional Tile Contractor Assist You in Choosing the Most Suitable Tiles for Your Project and Budget?

Today we are going to talk about the colors and styles of tiles, as they have the ability to totally change the look of a bathroom. With so many choices to pick from, it can become very confusing. Here are just a few of the options you may consider, using the consultation of an expert tile contractor:

tile contractor- Dark tiles in a bathroom, where white and lighters colors are favored can create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those long relaxing baths we all so yearn for.

- Iridescent tiles reflect light, creating a subtle rainbow glow. They can be fun, but sophisticated at the same time. Providing a quality very much like having your very own private spa.

- Subway tiles give a more industrial look to your bathroom. By using this particular tile you can add more interesting and modern hardware to your bathroom.

- Colorful back splashes can spice up even the most boring bathroom. These are mostly used around your shower. They can bring a spicy touch to your bathroom interior.

The size of your bathroom will determine whether you can put a stunning stripe design in it. The use of these tiny tiles placed into thick stripes will give you the opportunity to add splashes of color. Consider using textured tiles if you want to give your bathroom walls an interesting texture and pattern. Tiling your bathroom will also add value to your home, should you ever decide to sell it.

Your tile contractor can help with any choice regarding the above mentioned types of tiles. Certain applications may also need specialized tile, edging, grouting adhesive and backer board, which only an expert tile installation and repair provider will know about. Once your bathroom is finished, speak to your tiler and ask him for any tips or advice on keeping your tiles and grouting clean and pristine looking. For more questions or to book an appointment in the area of Tallahassee FL, you may contact Scott Tile LLC, at (850) 933-5105. We are always ready to provide you with quality tiling services and tips!

How to Find Your Tile Style

Tile Floors and Walls Can turn Your Bathroom Into a Cozy Place for Relaxation!

The tile market is constantly expanding, and offers a variety of tile styles and patterns. This is why you may find it extremely hard to make your choice when you have so many choices. Today is your lucky day, as you now have Scott Tile LLC to help you pick the style that matches your tile floor and wall requirements best. Here are a few ideas you should definitely consider if you want to have a trendy, well-designed bathroom:

  1. Urban design – It is characterized by sharp straight lines for your tiles. Choosing a warm color will definitely soften their look.

– Large neutral tiles can give your design a suitable background that will make contrasting tiles pop. It is also perfect for both bathroom and restroom tile floors.

– Use the same color in a smaller grid pattern for a complementary look and visual depth.

– Mosaic tiles will draw the eye to your design, creating a nice linear focal point in your bathroom. They are ideal for countertops and walls.

  1. Elegant design – The crisp, light color palette is ideal to brighten up any bathroom and give it the elegant touch you need. A cool and elegant finished appearance will suit almost every bathroom decor.

- Use larger tile with color variation to bring the look of marble to your bathroom floors.

- A standard straight pattern is perfect for the floor, as it complements the wall tile, without taking away from your design.

- Keep it simple with straight solid-colored wall tiles.

- Add some interest and break up large walls with decorative accent tile. As an alternative to this you may use a small grid pattern to create a clear look around the shower or tub.

  1. Rustic design – Monochromatic earth tones can bring a rustic appearance to any tiling you wish to install. Ceramic tiles offer impressive durability and need minimal maintenance, so we advise you to choose them for your tile floors.

tile floors- Try using a wall tile with subtle color variations.

- A dark tile to contrast will give will give your tile accent a clear finish.

- Arrange small squares of tile in a diamond pattern for an elegant touch.

- A chair rail is perfect for transitioning from tile to paint, when speaking about the walls in your bathroom.

For some additional tips or to book our tile installation services in Tallahassee FL, you can call our office at (850) 933-5105. We are looking forward to helping you create the bathroom design you wish!

Learn More About the Variety of Services Scott Tile LLC Offers

The Tile Floor Services We Provide are Ideal for Both Commercial and Residential Properties

Ceramic tile floors have plenty of advantage compared to other flooring materials like wood, linoleum, etc. Today we will focus on a few of them and give a more detailed explanation on the services Scott Tile LLC, of Tallahassee FL, offers in order to provide you with the tile floor you always wanted.


- Ceramic tile floors and surfaces come in many colors and allow beautiful patterns to be created with them.

tile floors.jpg- We can arrange different ready and custom made tile patterns specially for you – from tight to large and in dark to light colors.

- The color of ceramic tiles does not change or fade with time, which guarantees that you’ll have a beautiful-looking surface, practically forever.

We’re sure that you’ll be entirely pleased with our services as we’re experts at all matters related to tiles. Our technicians are excellently trained, they’re knowledgeable and experienced. We’re fully licensed and insured. Not only do we have the best men in our team, but we also charge very reasonable prices for our top notch services. We can send you a team of qualified and courteous tile floor specialists who’ve an extensive experience in the ceramic tile industry.

We treat each and every client as a royalty, as we consider customer satisfaction to be our greatest priority. Regardless of the size of the task, we’ll always cater to your tile needs fast and efficiently. Here are some of the surfaces we can cover with custom tiles specially for you:

- Bathroom and kitchen floors

- Showers and handicap showers

- Countertops

- Bathroom and kitchen sinks

- Backsplashes

- We can offer grouting and floating cement, as well as plumbing and fixture installation.

Choose us as your tile installation contractor and we will never fail to deliver first-class results. We’re extremely proud of our workmanship, reliability and integrity. We’re always ready to take on new projects and never turn down clients, because we know we work with precision and attention to every detail. If you need more information or want to schedule an appointment with our experts to talk about your project, please call our office!

Why Choose Tiles To Cover the Floors of Your Commercial or Residential Property?

A Reputable Tile Contractor Speaks About the Benefits of This Flooring Material

We all need a firm ground beneath our feet, which within our homes, is the flooring. It is the most used surface within our homes; it carries the burden of our bodies and is in constant contact with our feet. That is why it is important for a floor to be durable, resistant to wear-and-tear as well as abrasion. A floor is also a large exposed surface, so it has to be good looking and complementary to the overall appearance of your premises. All of these requirements can be well and truly fulfilled by the installation of a tile floor. For this purpose you need to find a local tile contractor who can match your budget and requirements.

tile contractorScott Tile LLC is a tile installer who specializes in ceramic tile floors and other tiled surface installation and repair around the area of Tallahassee FL, providing the highest form of customer service. This is why you can rely on our competence, knowledge and workmanship whenever a tile installation or replacement project is ahead of you!

Why is Tile a Widely Chosen Flooring Material?

Tiles are very suitable as a floor and wall covering for many reasons.

  1. The first and foremost among them, is their durability. Tiles are reliable and long-lasting. If one of them is broken, it can be easily replaced.

  2. Another one of their characteristics is their resistance to extreme amounts of wear and tear, this makes them one of the most preferred flooring materials.

  3. Floors need to be cleaned regularly, however, because they’re in constant contact with shoes and feet. For this reason, tiled floors are very popular, as they are very easy to keep clean. It is not possible for dirt and bacteria to stick to their smooth and glossy surface for too long, as they can be washed without a problem. That is why they’re particularly suitable for places with high sanitary standards such as hospitals, for instance.

  4. Because they’re water resistant, ceramic tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens, or commercial properties which are cleaned on a daily basis.

When you need a local tile contractor who can do an immaculate job on a budget – count on us! We are just a phone call away!

Terazzo Tile vs. Concrete Tile – Pros and Cons

Which Material To Choose When We Need to Install Tile Flooring

Tile installation is a job that should be handled with extreme precision and care, as once done properly, it may last for decades, but if a single mistake is made, cracks may appear only after a few years and you may need to do some tile repair and replacement work. This is why when you have such a task to accomplish, you better consult a tile contractor with a good reputation in Tallahassee FL. Only a professional technician can help you make the right choice for your property and install the material, you have purchased.

tile contractorsToday Scott Tile LLC, would like to focus on and compare two types of tiles which are one of our client’s top choice, in order to help you make up your mind when wondering what material to use for tiling your home or office.

1) Terrazzo – This is a traditional flooring material, made by exposing marble chips in a bed of concrete and then polishing until smooth. This material can be refinished repeatedly and is long-lasting which is why it is mainly used for high traffic areas in commercial properties. It has one major drawback, however, the material is slippery and may become the cause of many slip and fall accidents. This is why you better not install such tiling in your home, if you have small children, running around the house, or elderly people who have problems with moving around. Applying non-slip additives to the surface of the terrazzo, you have installed is a good option to solve this issue, but it will cost you an additional amount.


- The material can be used for covering floors, walls, backsplashes and countertops.

- Terrazzo tiles are elegant, beautiful and long lasting.

- Their prices range between $7 and $10 per square foot.

2) Concrete – This is a tough mix of sand, stone, cement and water. It is hail-resistant, water-shedding and lasts long. It can be made to mimic the look of other building materials. It requires specialized tools and knowledge to be installed, in order to make sure that the structure being covered can withstand the weight. This is why, you will definitely need to hire a tile contractor to get this job done.


- Despite for floors and countertops, it can be used to cover roofs in areas with harsh climate.

- Concrete tiles are durable but hard to install.

- Their prices range between $3 and $5 per square foot.

How to Hire the Right Tile Installer

You Need a Tile Floor Installed? – Learn how!

When you have a tile floor installation project ahead of you, you need to keep a few things in mind, in order to reach the desired quality results. The first and the most important one is to choose a tile material to fit the rest of your home design. Do not get tempted by the cheap low quality tiles, which are now sold in almost every big home improvement store, unless you are a tenant or you intend to sell the property after a few years. Shop around until you find the best product for the price value, you intend to invest.

Here is some basic information to help you make your final decision concerning the tile material and the installation services to book:

1) Main types of floor tiles to choose from – ceramic or marble. You better visit an independent tile supplier in Tallahassee FL to get the most affordable prices, or count the recommendations of your tile installation supplier.

tile floor2) Decide what patterns and colors you need in advance, otherwise you’ll get lost and confused once you start looking at different samples. Sketch your ideas out on paper.

3) Means to find the most reliable contractor in town – use the local yellow pages, contractor referral services, or simply browse online and contact a few companies, which look responsible and experienced. Asking for some referrals from a friend is another good solution when you need to find expert affordable services.

4) Get a tile floor installer to come out to your property and measure the square footage of the project. This way you will be able to buy the exact amount of tiles you need and get an estimate of the installation service fees. Ask for a price which will include the removal of your old tiles from the very beginning, or you may otherwise end up being surprised when you receive the final bill for both services.

Execute a local contract who clearly specifies the tile material to be used, the project completion deadline, as well as the payment schedule. We, at Scott Tile LLC can provide you with all this information, so do not hesitate to contact us when you need your floor tiles replaced!